About Me

Personal Information

Name:                                           Tarryn

Surname:                                     Osborne

Sex:                                                   Female

Age:                                                   34

Date of birth:                                16/08/1981

Language:                                        English

Nationality:                                    South African

Contact Number:                           0822679490



Secondary Education:

Witbank High School

          Highest level achieved:          Matric- 1999

          Extra-mural activities:            Squash

          Subjects taken:                       English






Tertiary Education:

Professional Child Care College

          Certificates obtained:            Basic Child Care

                                                                                                Advanced Infant Care

                                                                                                First Aid

          Date commenced:                   January 2000

          Date of completion:                December 2000


Madge Wallace International

          Certificates obtained:            Diploma in Skincare and Body Therapy


                                                                                                Manual Lymph Drainage


                                                                                                First Aid



          Product Training Certificates:Nimue Skin Technology


          Date commenced:                   January 2005

          Date of completion:                December 2006


Calbrook Nails

          Certificates obtained:            Certificate in gel and acrylic nails

          Date commenced:                   April 2009

          Date of completion:                September 2009


Work Experience:

Part Time Work Experience:

          Saveways Crescent Spar Witbank

                   Position:                        Bakery Assistant

                   Work Period:                  1997-1999 (Sundays and Public Holidays


          ReelTec Productions:

                   Position:                        Make-up Artist

                   Work Period:                  August 2005 – July 2007


Part Time Work During Tertiary Studies:

  • Dove promotions on weekends
  • Massage Therapist at Robbie Williams concert
  • Massage Therapist at Nando’s Promotion
  • Product Knowledge and Massage therapist at Oprah’s Workshop
  • Pamper Parties
  • Community Service at the Rosebank Retirement Village


Permanent Work Experience:


The Dalmatian Pre-primary School

          Position:                                  Teacher

          Work Period:                           January 2002 – November 2002

          Work Description:                   Planned the creative lessons and other activates for

the week. I supervised children at break times outside. I helped take the children on outings to learn more about the theme that was being taught that week.


Ultimate Optical

          Position:                                  Receptionist, Promoted to Optical Technician

                Work Period:                                             December 2002 – December 2004

                Work Description:                                As receptionist I answered the phone, filed the

                                                                                                orders and invoiced the clients. I also packed and

                                                                                                recorded the jobs to go out and unpacked and

                                                                                                recorded the new deliveries. I packaged and made

                                                                                                sure the deliveries were ready one time for the

                                                                                                couriers. As optical technician I cut and fitted the

                                                                                                lenses into frames. I also chamfered, hardened and

                                                                                                tinted the lenses as well as fitting the rimless lenses

                                                                                                into their “frames”. It was also part of my job to

                                                                                                transfer old lenses into new frames.

Assets Skin and Body Clinic

          Position:                                  Beauty Therapist

          Work Period:                           February 2007 – October 2007

          Work Description:                   Responsible for treatments given to clients and

                                                                                                Maintaining a clean and healthy working

                                                                                                environment. I also had receptionist

responsabilities. I was involved in the process of

 ordering stock and restocking the clinic.



          Position:                                  Beauty Therapist

          Work Period:                           November 2007 – July 2008

          Work Description:                   I was responsible for the treatments given to clients

                                                                                                and maintaining a clean and healthy work

                                                                                                environment. I also had receptionist



Urban Escape

          Position:                                  Beauty Therapist

          Work Period:                           July 2008 – October 2011

          Work Description:                   I was responsible for treatments given to clients and

                                                                                                maintaining a clean and healthy work environment.I

                                                                                                had receptionist responsibilities. I was also

                                                                                                responsible for ordering stock, pricing  it and

                                                                                                restocking the salon shelves.

                Products worked with:            Dermalogica


                                                                                                Derma Fix


                                                                                                Calbrook Gel and Acrylic

                                                                                                Magnetic Nails Acrylic


Ultra Violet Nail Bar

          Position:                                  Owner and Nail Technician

                Work Period:                           December 2011 – December 2015

          Work Description:                   I was responsible for all treatments on clients which                                                                                        included manicures, pedicures, gel nails, facial   

                                                                                                waxing and tinting. I also ordered all my own stock

                                                                                                and managed my own books, as well as made all my

                                                                                                client bookings.

                Products worked with:            Bio Sculpture Gel




Just moved to Pretoria and working from house doing nails.



Personal Activities


          Hobbies:                                  Running, walking, playing with my dog, reading and

                                                                                                learning new things.

                Perception of self:                               I am a hard working, goal orientated and disciplined

                                                                                                employee. I balance work and personal interests,

                                                                                                attempting to live life to the full.


I declare that the above information is accurate and a true reflection of myself.